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THE 12 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business

laws of business

1. The Law of Purpose: The purpose of a business is to create and keep a customer.

2. The Law of Organization: A business organization is a group of people brought together for the common purpose of creating and keeping customers.

3. The Law of Customer Satisfaction:  The customer is always right.

4. The Law of the Customer: The customer always acts to satisfy his or her interests by seeking the very most and best at the very lowest possible price.

5. The Law of Quality: The customer demands the very highest quality for the very lowest price.

6. The Law of Obsolescence: Whatever is, is already becoming obsolete.

7. The Law of Innovation: All breakthroughs in business come from innovation, from offering something better, cheaper, faster, newer or more efficient in the current marketplace.

8. The Law of Critical Success Factors: Every business has a number of critical success factors, which measure and determine the success or failure of the organization.

9. The Law of the Market: The market is where buyers and sellers meet to set prices and determine the allocation of money, labor, materials and all factors of production.

10. The Law of Specialization: To succeed in a competitive marketplace, a product or service must be specialized to perform a specific function and be excellent at satisfying a clearly defined need of the customer.

11. The Law of Differentiation: A product or service must have a competitive advantage or an area of excellence that enables it to stand out from its competitors in some way if it is to succeed in a competitive marketplace.

12. The Law of Segmentation: Companies must target specific customer groups or market segments if they are to achieve significant sales.

by Brian Tracy

Published by The Virtual Assistant; ©2012 VSA, LP