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Happy Easter!

This weekend’s holiday is celebrated in many  countries and cultures worldwide.

Click the pic and learn about 10 bunny-free Easter traditions from around the world (and some are a little strange!)…


Boiling Eggs has never been funnier…

We did find a unique way to color eggs by hard boiling them in water with different foods. Below is a list of what things turns the shells different colors. We can’t guarantee what the eggs will taste like!

Spinach Leafs = Green

Beetroot = Red

Tea Bag = Dark Brown

Onion Skin = Yellow / Gold

Red Cabbage Leaves = Light Blue

All that Chocolate! 

What actually happens to your body when you eat chocolate Easter Eggs…


November 6 Newsletter


Nutritional Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Alzheimer's

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tuition cost

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7 Ways to Be Debt-Free for the Rest of Your Life