Business Overhead Expense Protection

How will business operating expenses continue to be paid during your recovery from a disability?
Here’s how business overhead expense protection could work for you and your business TODAY…

The business owner is insured by a business overhead expense policy, which is owned by either the business or the business owner. Generally, a …

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Sources Of Funds During A Disability

What Sources of Funds May Be Available to Replace Your Earning Power During a Disability?

Savings: If you save 10% of your income each year, it will take 10 years to set aside just one year’s income.
Borrow: What creditor is going to lend money to a disabled income earner?
Liquidate Assets: Assuming a …

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Do I Need A Will?

What Is a Will?
The most basic estate planning tool, a will is the legal document that states the actions you wish to be taken after your death in regard to:

the disposition of your property;
the guardianship of your minor children; and/or
the administration of your estate

Do You Need a …

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Health Care In Retirement

The Need…
The rising cost of health care in the United States has become one of the primary risks to a financially-secure retirement. With health care costs expected to continue increasing faster than inflation, the time to plan for your future health care needs is now…before you retire.
Your ability to enjoy a financially-secure retirement …

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Death Versus Disability

Is This a Gamble You Want to Take?

According to a study published in Health Matrix: Journal of Law-Medicine, “half of all foreclosures have medical causes.” In addition, based on this study of homeowners going through foreclosures, “half of all respondents (49%) indicated that their foreclosure was caused in part by a medical problem, …

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Paying The Estate Tax Bill

The federal government will not accept a percentage of your estate as payment for your estate tax bill. Instead, your estate tax bill must be paid in cash, and it must be paid within nine months after your death.
If your estate is subject to the federal estate tax, there are FOUR ways to provide …

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Business Protection Planning

Ask Yourself…
What impact would the death or disability of an owner or key employee have on the continued success of your business?
Objective Issues to Consider Indemnify the Business for the Loss of a Key Employee:
 Do you have key employees who make a substantial contribution to the success of your business?

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Paying For Healthcare In Retirement

Plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.
It would be nice to believe that health care cost increases were a temporary phenomenon. Unfortunately, that’s not the case … the cost of medical care has outpaced inflation for the past 20 years and predictions are that medical and long-term care costs will …

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