How To Put Your Kids (Or Grandkids) On The Fast Track To Success

by Chris Widener

Working with adults (as well as children and teens) for the past 12 years, I have noticed that there are just a few primary struggles that most adults face. I also see how better training as a child and teen could have given them the skills and attitudes that would have prevented the problems that they now face.

The primary areas adults struggle with are:

  1. Money, primarily debt
  2. Lack of disciple, or the inability to do what they want to do, be it weight, money, work, etc.
  3. Relationships

As I see it, much of the way we live our lives is groomed as we grow up. And while we can certainly change, it is harder to do the older we get. The good news? We can put our kids on the fast track to success by diligently applying some basic success skills.

To have successful relationships:

  • Show them unconditional love.
  • Teach them manners.
  • Help them learn to forgive.
  • Help them to be able to focus on and serve others. To have successful finances:
  • Make them EARN money.
  • Have them give money away.
  • Teach them about investing.
  • Teach them to delay self-gratification.
  • Teach them to never have any debt! To help them be successful in discipline:
  • Have them do certain tasks/chores on a regularly scheduled basis.
  • Let them experience discipline and consequences.
  • Don’t protect them from losing.
  • Teach them to eat right and exercise.
  • Teach them to make tough decisions and learn to say “no.”
  • Encourage them to risk failure and try new things.

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