Business Protection Planning

Ask Yourself…

What impact would the death or disability of an owner or key employee have on the continued success of your business?

Objective Issues to Consider Indemnify the Business for the Loss of a Key Employee:

 Do you have key employees who make a substantial contribution to the success of your business?

 Do you know what the financial impact on your business would be if a key employee, including yourself, died? Address the Financial Consequences of an Owner’s or Key Employee’s Disability

 How would you continue your income in the event you were disabled?

 What would the impact on cash flow be of continuing an income to you, if disabled, or to a disabled key employee?

 If you were sick or hurt and unable to work, how would your ongoing business overhead expenses be paid? Guarantee Business Loan Repayment at an Owner’s Death

 When your business borrows money, do you have to sign for the loan once or twice?

 How are business loans to be repaid in the event of your unexpected death? Are your personal assets at risk?

 What would the consequences to your business be of having to repay business loans after your death?