Friday Fun from the Desk of Gurdayal Singh...

August 19, 2016

California Tops List of 50 Most Beautiful Places in America. Conde Nast Traveler compiled this list, including eight in California. How many have you visited?

This Sunday is Senior Citizens Day and there are various events and activities organized to raise awareness of supporting older people and recognizing their achievements.Some businesses give special discounts or deals to senior citizens on or around August 21.

What’s the Germiest Thing in Your House? Are you guilty of spreading germs? Do you know how fast germs travel when you sneeze?


Managing Money: It’s just this easy…



Our thoughts this weekend are with those displaced by the local Blue Cut Fires. If you want to help, reach out to your local churches, organizations and animal shelters. Volunteer or donate food, clothing or money. There are many suffering through this tragedy.